Langford Park Hockey Ice Crew

The coolest job you'll have all year.

Please click the sign up form to join the team:  ICE CREW SIGN UP FORM

Maintaining the ice rinks at Langford Park is a core element to the Langford Park Hockey program.  We use the outdoor ice to replace the need to purchase indoor practice ice, to host our annual Winter Classic Squirt tournament and Mini-Mite Scramble, and to build a community gathering spot for the surrounding neighborhoods. 

Without our volunteer Ice Crews, our program wouldn't be possible.  If you're already on an Ice Crew, THANK YOU!!  If you haven't yet signed up for a night, please consider doing so - many hands make shoveling easy!

Birth of an Ice Crew: How it works...

  1. We try set up 5-7 person crews each night of the week. The more people that are there, the quicker we’re able to remove snow and start flooding. The more folks available to shovel after the sweeper pushes the snow to the boards, the less time the overall process takes. With a larger team, each night’s crew can still manage the process in the event someone needs to miss a shift.

  2. You help by picking a night of the week that you can come to the Park and help remove snow and flood the rinks. We start right around 9:00pm. The process can take anywhere from 2-3 hours depending on how many folks are able to make it. We use shovels, an old-time sweeper and a new fancy sweeper courtesy of St. Paul Park & Rec to remove the snow and a good ol' fire hose to lay down fresh ice every night.

  3. Sign up by clicking on the link to the above. Then pat yourself on the back and know that you are an integral part of building great memories for a whole lot of people and helping to build a neighborhood community. Thank you.